2015/04/12 - Amanda Hoffman - Age 28 yrs - Machesney Park, Illinois

2015/04/12 - Amanda Hoffman - Age 28 yrs - Machesney Park, Illinois

Submitted by: carol Bunting - Parent

Name: Amanda Hoffman
State:  Illinois, 61115

Date of Passing: 04/12/2015
Date of Birth: 07-03-1986
Age: 28 

Tell Us About Them:

She was a daughter, a mother, a sister, a grandaughter. She was a beautiful spirited woman who lived and loved life to the fullest. She has 2 beautiful children she has left behind. Music & drawing was her passions, next to her children.

Tell Us About Their Struggles With Addiction:

She started drugs at 18. she went through it all, and then met her maker with the Heroin 5 years ago. It was a ongoing battle and she truly tried to beat the devil on several occassions. She was released from prison on April 10th, 2015 and came to my home with me and her daughter. 37 hours later at 8:45 in the am, her daughter and myself foud her dead in her room. It was the most horrific thing I have ever had to endure in my life, and for her 10 year old daughter to find her mommie dead is a pain I will never ever get over. She was in and out of the court system, was locked up for 7 months and lived 37 hours after her release.

What Made Them Smile?

Her children, & Music

What Do You Miss the Most About Them?


If You Had a Chance to Say One More Thing to Your Angel What Would It Be?

I'm sorry your in so much pain, and we all love you and need you.

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